• 2014 Double Commonwealth Games GOLD medalist
  • 2014 European bar champion
  • European championships 2014, team silver
  • 2013 World bar finalist
  • 3 times World Cup medalist
  • 7 times British AA champion
  • European championships 2010, team silver
  • World championships 2011, team 5th
  • Double commonwealth medalist
  • Britain's best female AA Olympian - 2008


I'm really sorry it's been so long since my last post. I always try to keep you all updated but things have been so crazy this year and i have just totally lost track of time. I can't believe we are almost in May which means Olympic trails are getting extremely close. I wish i could tell you all that this year has been amazing so far but honestly it feels like my hardest yet.
I started this year on a high which is always a great thing. My training was going really well, i felt i was back on track and I was starting to prepare for my first AA competition after 19 yes 19 months away from competing all 4 pieces of apparatus. My aim was to get back competing all 4 ready for the English championships at the beginning of March. Everything seemed to be going well until early February when i started getting some pain in my foot. I didn't have a bad landing or do anything terrible, my foot just wasn't responding to the work load i was trying to do. So we altered my programme and tried to push through as and when my foot allowed. This clearly wasn't working because as time went on my foot seemed to be getting worse so then i had to stop. I was obviously frustrated as i'd been training so well and the competition was only a few weeks away but there was nothing i could do. I could still work bars which is one of my favourite pieces and i just had to wait until my foot settled to see how many pieces would be possible for me to compete at the English championships.
The competition soon came round and I went there with the aim of just getting back to competition again, competing bars and possibly beam as i'd only started to recover my beam skills that week due to my foot. My competition went ok, i was a little disappointed with bars as i didn't manage to compete my new skill which is what i was intending to do but on the bright side i did manage to compete beam after only having a few days to work my routine again. I came away from the competition with a 3rd place finish on bars and overall i felt happy that i was on my way back.
I was soon back in the gym after a day off and my next goal was already set. This goal was to get back to training all 4 pieces safely in time for a european trail which was 4 weeks away. My foot was healing, training started to pick up again and by the time I arrived at national camp which was the week of the trail i felt great. The first session at national camp i warmed up and started on floor. I was working all of my tumbles and things were going well until a bad landing on my new tumble set my foot back again. By this time i was frustrated and upset as i was just 2 days away from competing AA again but i knew it wasn't a major set back which was a positive i could take from the situation. I completed the trail on bars and besides having a fall on my dismount i was soooooooooooooooooooo happy with my routine. I have been working this new bar routine for almost 2 years and it finally all came together in the competition. I scored a 14.270 with a fall on my dismount which with time didn't seem a major correction to fix. I then went home and reflected on my week before heading back to training the next day. I was so annoyed at myself for setting my foot back with a bad landing but at the same time i was so happy i finally hit my bar routine ..... well almost.
Time continued to pass and within 12 days i was back at national camp for another round of trails. This time round i wasn't ready to compete all 4 pieces but 3 pieces of apparatus was looking like a possibility. My foot however was still causing me problems and i was also having a few issues with my back. I knew it was going to be a tough week but i pulled myself together and was ready to give it my best shot. The first day at camp went really well, i trained well across all 4 apparatus and went to bed feeling pretty confident about the week ahead. The next morning i woke up with a really painful and watering right eye. As if i didn't have enough to worry about i now had a bad foot, back and eye. I couldn't put in my contact lenses due to my eye being so sore but then i had the problem of not being able to train properly without my lenses in. I then thought to myself, how do i explain this one to my coach ?!?! My eye was bad so i couldn't see properly, my foot was sore and my back was sore !!!!!! With trails only a day away i can definitely say i was so stressed out at this point i didn't even know where to begin. I tried to hold it all together but clearly my body was rebelling against everything i tried to do. I managed to push through trails and considering the circumstances i competed pretty well but i knew in my heart i needed to take a step back as i was
really struggling.
Nobody wants to take time out when it's an olympic year, even in a regular year it's hard to take time out but i knew from this point on if i continued to push myself through these small injuries i would break down when it matters the most. So here i am now, it's the 19th of April and i'm back at home. Some of my team mates have headed to Switzerland today for a Great Britain match and my other teammates have undergone yet another trail at national camp. It's 100 days to go until the 2012 Olympic games and 100 days is a long time. Plenty can happen from here on out and i might be back home but i'm still fighting !! From now on i'm not counting the days, i'm making every day count. I've proved to myself that on all 4 apparatus my skills are back and when my body lets me i have great routines across all apparatus. The challenges i now face are to get super healthy so i can train even harder and finally get the chance to show all these routines that i've been working so hard on.
I have just over 4 weeks until my next competition which is plenty long enough for me if i play my cards right. I've had a great week this week and i'm feeling happy and confident about the months ahead. Everything from now on is going to be about reaching the small goals day by day and not letting myself stress about what lies ahead. As an athlete it is really difficult to not think about the Olympics all the time as you hear it and see those 5 rings everywhere you go, especially as it is a home country Olympics. All your friends ask you about it and although everyone is just being friendly it can become pretty stressful. Before Beijing I didn't have that, so it is more difficult this time around.
Besides my preparations and plans leading into the games gymnastics wise, I have had some amazing opportunities come my way outside the gym. In January i was extremely lucky to have the chance to shoot for VOGUE magazine !! There will be a special Olympic edition launching in June, so look out for that. I also got the opportunity to be part of the TEAM GB 2012 Olympic kit launch with Adidas. I felt so honoured to be part of such a historic event and want to thank Adidas for inviting me to be part of such a special day. I think Stella McCartney has done an incredible job with all the kit and i can't even begin to imagine what a difficult task that would have been. Designing all that kit across so many different sports and producing such fantastic results.
I was also really lucky to be able to work with Stella and Adidas on some of the Olympic leotards. It really opened my eyes into the world of designing and i loved every second of it.
Finally i have my third leotard collection ready to launch this summer with Milano pro-sport. I'm really excited about this collection and i think it is my favourite one yet so i hope you all like them.
Who knows whats instore for me over the next few months, there isn't long left to find out. I'm not going to lie though, I am so EXCITED and i'm working so hard to be as prepared as i can possibly be. Only time will tell !!!
xoxoxo Becky xoxoxo

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